As today’s businesses (and the world in general) is moving towards a more global model with connectivity and real time communications becoming a standard practice, the presence of technology and software to make it all happen is becoming more essential as well. But with all the conveniences and simplicities this new era brings, it brings just as many or more problems with it.

Systems are going to malfunction. Machines break down. Networks experience delays. Security systems and firewalls constantly need patching. And the list goes on. IT is one of the biggest and fastest-growing fields in the world. And for businesses worldwide, if they want to compete, their IT needs must be met and maintained on a constant basis.

There are two basic ways that small companies commonly handle their IT needs; either with a dedicated, in-house employee (or an entire department, depending on the size of the company) or a break-fix model where they outsource their repairs or upgrades when the need arises.

Most companies still have at least one employee who is partially responsible for handling the more basic IT needs, even if they outsource the more complicated aspects to specialists.  The third option that more and more companies are using is the Managed Service Provider. Managed Service Providers such as our team here in Colorado Springs offer business-centered IT services to these businesses.

From an In-House Model

As just stated, this is where one or more employees handle the day to day issues with their company’s IT needs. There are several reasons that this is not the best route when it comes to such a large task. But for now, we will only take a closer look at a few specific issues that highlight why an MSP is a better choice for business owners and managers.

MSPs Specialize in Numerous IT Tasks

One of the biggest problems with IT workers inside the company is that no matter how educated, experienced, and well-versed in digital and electronic matters they may be, there are so many specific areas of expertise within this industry that one person simply cannot be adept enough at all aspects to properly address every one of them. Here is just a small sample of some of the issues, even a small business could face on any given day:

  • Security breaches or hacking
  • Network failures
  • Data loss
  • Software malfunction
  • Critical updates
  • Spyware or malware removal

This isn’t even scratching the surface when it comes to the numerous services that are required of any IT provider. MSPs like us have multiple employees, each with their own fields of specialty training (in addition to their overall broader skills) to be able to take care of each and every task that comes up in your business, the moment it arises.

An MSP Allows Dedicated Employees to Focus on Other Tasks

This is something else that many companies that work with an MSP find invaluable. Instead of having one employee or even an entire department dedicated to the handling of their office network and electronics, those employees can work on other aspects of the business, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

In the case that those employees aren’t needed on other assignments, the position or department can be significantly decreased, either increasing the company’s bottom line or allowing for it to redirect those expenses to other business-related needs such as advertising, hiring for other positions, or doing something for their employees such as bonuses or company retreats.

You Get the Latest Updates and Technology Available

Many businesses that utilize in-house IT services are at times forced to temporarily rely on outdated software and applications. This is because either the employee does not have the time to keep up with all of the changes and advances in an industry which is constantly evolving minute to minute or they simply can’t handle all of the daily tasks along with keeping up to date with upgrade installations as soon they become available.

When these same businesses allow an MSP to oversee these tasks for them, they receive updates and new software installations the moment they are available. Our readers may wonder what the big deal is with having these things handled immediately; after all, don’t we all put off the updates on our PCs and devices until a more convenient time? While we wouldn’t recommend doing even that, when it comes to a company’s network and data, the risks are far greater.

As we mentioned earlier, the entire world, business especially, is becoming more global and computer-based. And with that transition comes the unscrupulous characters and criminals that are taking their act to the online world as well. And believe us when we tell you that they have technology that rivals that of the best systems in the world.

If a company’s security systems and firewalls are outdated by even one update it could be disastrous. Therefore, MSPs like us are helping local businesses in Colorado Springs and global businesses all over the world.

An MSP Never Takes Sick Days or Vacations

What happens if your spyware and malware specialist comes down with the flu and misses three days of work during which time a critical update to your system becomes available? What about when your network expert goes on a weeklong vacation and the next day your entire system loses connectivity to your cloud service? These things happen more often than you may think and even one day of having one of these systems out of commission can cost you not only profits, but the trust and business of your clients.

You Won’t Need to Start from Step One on Every Call

How many times have you or one of your employees had to make a call to the IT department only to hear “Is your computer turned on? Is it plugged in? Check to make sure the light is on.” How many of those instances has the problem been that your employee simply forgot to turn the thing on?

They will quickly become familiar with your system and as time goes by, they will learn what the common issues are within your network and be able to either guide your workers through a quick and detailed fix, or they will be able to take care of it from their end without any help from yours. They also know that you aren’t foolish enough to hire employees that are too inept to know how to push the power button on their computers before calling IT for assistance.

MSPs Have a “Predictive” Business Model

This is a huge difference between in-house and break-fix models. Most IT work, internal and external, deal with problems after they arise, whereas companies like Navakai work using a predictive model, where they see problems before they come up and attempt to solve them before they ever become an issue. Because all they do is monitor and inspect the networks and systems of their clients all day, every day, they are able to catch many things prior to their development.

Your Data and Information Exists in Another Location

This is something that can literally be the difference between a company’s ability to overcome and move forward from a disaster and having to shut down permanently. Disaster recovery is one of the many services that a good MSP will offer. There are many things that could have a devastating effect on a company that keeps all its data and information in-house. This includes both system/network catastrophes and natural disasters.

Security breaches, virus attacks, hurricanes, fires, tornados, floods, earthquakes, or anything else that causes the destruction of the office building could cause the complete loss of all client and customer information. Even if the data can be restored, it would still have to wait until the physical building can be entered and the equipment can be recovered.

With MSPs, they are ensuring all your data is backed up and stored in a safe, offsite location which would be unaffected by any local disasters or internal system attacks or failures.

MSPs Offer Greater Peace of Mind

The result of all of this is that Managed Service Providers simply make life easier for business owners and executives. The fact that you can relax knowing that your network, data, and information, systems, and software are all being monitored and maintained by a company which specializes in every aspect of IT and does nothing else but that, allows you to focus on the things that your company specializes in, which is providing a product or service that your customers need. For Navakai, the service we provide is helping you do that better.

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