Meet The Team.

Russel Sparks

Network Specialist

Men’s Warehouse Model

Nick Cahill

Systems Administrator

Vendor “Relations”

Jeff Hladek

Support Services Manager

Rhythm Guitar

Adrianne LeBlanc

Administrative Office Manager

Navakai Cheerleader

Kona Neubacher

Director of Crotch Sniffing

Andy Foard

Network Engineer


Jerico Thomas

Tier-2 Support Specialist

Snuggle Bear

Chris Daberkow

Tier-3 Support Specialist


Christine Newkirk


Kona’s Favorite Person

Dave Burgess

Project Coordinator

Mr. Speedo

Katelynn Little

Sales Specialist


Scott Fisher

Project Services Manager

Self-Proclaimed “World’s Best Boss”

Shawn Morland


Television Doctor

Pamela Warbeck

Customer Service Specialist

Den Mother

Bob Matte

Systems Engineer

Professional Golf Caddy

Giovanni Ocasio

Tier-2 Support Specialist

Toy Saxophone

Jason Martindale

Tier-2 Support Specialist

Sassy Pants

Matthew Dillon

Tier-2 Support Specialist

Golden Boy

Richard Ortiz

Senior Systems Administrator

Technical Yoda

Davin Neubacher



Jefferson Black

Tier-3 Support Specialist

Fashion Consultant

Amasa Howard

Tier-2 Support Specialist

Taco Tuesday

David Rubin

Tier-2 Support Specialist

The Quiet One

Michael Dowdle


Lover Boy

Ryan Newton

Tier-2 Support Specialist

Sara Simon

Customer Support Specialist

Dog Trainer