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why we launched an MSP.

Navakai was founded in 2001 by Shawn Morland and Davin Neubacher. The lads first met while working together at a local internet service provider. Shawn was a Sales Engineer, and Davin, in Business Development. They soon realized the IT industry was falling short in three critical areas: 1) customer service – there was too much focus on the technology and not the person using it, 2) specialized expertise – lots of “jacks of all trades” were out there learning on the customer’s dime, and 3) standardization – IT environments varied as much as the person in charge of them. This created a perfect storm of unnecessary spending, unreliable and unsecure networks, and continued dissatisfaction with both service providers and in-house IT staff. (Yep, it also created a fantastic opportunity for Shawn and Davin.)

So after a few meetings (with notes on a handful of cocktail napkins, of course), the decision was made to start a company founded on the simple belief that “We can do better.” But not your typical IT company: One that would deliver exceptional customer service, from subject area experts, with standards-based solutions that met the needs of the business. Sounds simple enough – but back then, this was a new concept for service providers.

The company was founded on those principles and, today, they are still in practice. Build a great Team, shower clients with exceptional service, and most importantly … have FUN doing it. How do we know it’s working? Well, since we started in 2001, Navakai has averaged 98% client retention. And Navakai remains one of the few technology companies to win the BBB’s prestigious Excellence in Customer Service Award…twice! Plus, we’ve always maintained an A+ rating with the BBB.

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