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managed IT services.

It doesn’t matter how or why your team’s technology works. Just that it does. Get IT service you can trust with Navakai.

monthly IT support.

Navakai’s support agreements start with the most important part of your business: the people. These days, employees use a variety of devices to perform their job: from smartphones, to tablets, laptops, desktops, servers, VoIP phones, WiFi, and more. And they probably don’t care how, or why all of this technology works…it just needs to. Navakai understands the importance of having reliable tools and their impact to your bottom line. But what happens when these devices are not so reliable? Enter Navakai, with unlimited remote and onsite end-user support, device monitoring, and preventive maintenance. Everything you need to keep your business running … and your employees happy.


Nobody likes calling technical support … unless they’re calling Navakai. We have made a substantial investment in building an award-winning Team to deliver day-to-day smiles. Since we can boast a 99.76% client satisfaction rating,  you and your team won’t find a more positive experience. The Service Desk Team is multi-partner certified, highly skilled, and they’re masters in the art of customer satisfaction. Happy customers … we get it.


You maintain your car because you rely on it. So why should your computing system be any different? While you’re busy working, Navakai is quietly behind the scenes managing critical updates, anti-virus, anti-spyware, disk cleanup, and monitoring. We call it the “wizard behind the curtain” and it works: last year alone, Navakai’s monitoring tools proactively identified over 25,000 issues for our customers. So sleep well…and you’re welcome.


Something an Office Manager seldom says: “I love dealing with multiple vendors.” It’s true; managing vendors takes time, and they often finger point when something is broken. Relax, Navakai has got you covered. Simply call us for any issue with your printer, copier, phone system, or any other technology service, and we’ll act on your behalf with the vendor directly. Best part? It’s included with our regular support agreement. Boom!

award winning

customer service

Navakai makes it easy to open a support ticket with just a couple clicks of the mouse. And so you’re always in the loop, we provide 7×24 access to real-time information about your support request. Plus we send out an Executive Summary every month showing everything we’ve done for your company over the past 30 days. Technology can be complicated… getting help shouldn’t be.

Need IT Support?

Nothing is more frustrating than spending time and money on technology that doesn’t work. Which is why Navakai installs things right…the first time. Our Team of Microsoft, Apple, Cisco Systems, VMware, and Digium Certified Specialists will provide new hardware and software installations throughout the year. These might be based on an immediate need, or the result of a Navakai Annual Strategy Review provided to each of our clients. Every project is assigned a dedicated Navakai Project Manager to ensure complete success from the initial project launch call to the final post-project survey and assessment.

technology projects.


What happens to my company if our server crashes? What happens if I lose confidential client information? How do I know our backups are actually running and current? With Navakai’s Backup Disaster Recovery Solution, you won’t have to worry any longer. Your servers will have 100% redundancy and your image-based local and offsite backups are completely automated and monitored 7×24. Best of all, the entire solution is completely managed by Navakai as part of our monthly support agreement.


It’s in the news almost weekly: Another large corporation suffers a data breach, costing the company millions, not to mention the often-unrecoverable damage to their reputation. While most of us are not targets of professional hackers, we do keep sensitive information on our servers. Navakai follows the strictest compliance and regulatory security practices for our clients. We can help you establish a security strategy that includes dedicated firewalls, encrypted access, offsite server backups, and more.

hardware &

Navakai is an authorized reseller for a variety of manufacturers, including Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Digium and more. However, we will only recommend products that makes the most sense for your business, if we resell it or not. Regardless of who makes it, we make sure it’s business-class (not consumer grade), has a decent manufacturers warranty, and can be standardized for your business.

voip phone systems

Navakai’s portfolio of solutions includes the Digium VoIP product line. Transform how your business connects with integrated unified communications that include features like integration with mobile phones, remote management, voicemail to email, and remote transfer from your mobile or home phone. Trust your phone system to the certified VoIP professionals at Navakai.

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