We get it, you rely on technology and just need it to work.

Navakai is home to Colorado Springs’ Top IT Specialists. Find Out For Yourself.

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ok, let’s just cut to the chase…

Navakai is an IT Consulting Colorado Springs based company. We offer monthly support, strategic planning (what a novel concept that is), design, and technology-related projects for your growing organization. What makes us happy is delivering amazing customer service to our clients. For real, we love that stuff. We also like building and managing secure and reliable computing environments while ensuring that every investment you make, actually helps your business. Why? Because if it doesn’t, then we probably won’t stay friends for very long…and we like keeping our friends.

Navakai works with a variety of professional organizations ranging from small-midsized businesses, to large multi-site corporate environments, from Colorado Springs to Canada and beyond. Our business philosophy? Always do right by the client, stay focused on what you’re good at, be yourself (no matter how weird that might be), and have passion in whatever you do…even it’s fixing a computer. Oh, and hire people smarter than you, then get the heck out of their way.