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Why You Should Consider Switching Your IT to a Managed Service Provider

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As today’s businesses (and the world in general) is moving towards a more global model with connectivity and real time communications becoming a standard practice, the presence of technology and software to make it all happen is becoming more essential as well. But with all the conveniences and simplicities this new era brings, it brings just as many or more problems with it. Systems are going to malfunction. Machines break down. Networks experience delays. Security systems and firewalls constantly need patching. And the list goes on. IT is one of the biggest and fastest-growing fields in the world. And for businesses worldwide, if they want to compete, their IT needs must be met and maintained on a constant basis. There are two basic ways that small companies commonly handle their IT needs; either with a dedicated, in-house employee (or an entire department, depending on the size of the company) or…

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